Aroostook Wind Energy

Planning transmission for renewable energy



Across the United States, sites that are good prospects for wind energy development are often far from existing transmission lines and other transmission infrastructure. In addition, existing transmission systems often lack adequate capacity to accept the new loads that will accompany the expansion of wind energy and other renewable energy generation. This is the case in northern Maine, where the existing transmission system does not have the capacity to send more electricity from where it could be generated to the markets where it is needed in southern Maine and Massachusetts.


CLF Ventures worked with Horizon Wind Energy to provide services related to the lack of transmission capacity for the company’s planned Aroostook Wind Project in Aroostook County, Maine. The wind project is planned to generate hundreds of megawatts of renewable energy that can be sold into the New England market, providing clean energy and helping states achieve their renewable energy goals.

CLF Ventures assisted Horizon Wind Energy with outreach to regional transmission system stakeholders, including the New England Independent System Operator (ISO-NE), New England Governor’s offices, state public utilities commissions, and others, providing guidance and assisting with engagement. In particular CLF Ventures worked with Horizon and its stakeholders to seek regionalized cost-sharing options for a transmission solution. In addition, CLF Ventures provided Horizon with strategic analysis of potential transmission scenarios, and tracked and reported regional developments.

Services Utilized

CLF Ventures provided Horizon Wind Energy with strategic analysis of various transmission scenarios that were proposed by different parties. Different parties proposed different solutions to meet their specific needs, and CLF Ventures worked with Horizon to determine the extent to which these options would meet the needs of Horizon’s planned project.

CLF Ventures provided Horizon with a strategy to engage transmission system stakeholders in the New England region. This work included direct outreach and coordination as well as strategic guidance and process facilitation.