Facility Owners

A sustainable facility looks beyond short-term profit for long-term success. By developing strategies to integrate environmental protection into their operations, facilities can positively impact their bottom line and develop long-term competitive advantage. Public and private entities that effectively manage stakeholder and community connections stand only to gain from the trust and legitimacy that positive relationships confer.

CLF Ventures helps facility owners and operators optimize relationships with regulators, community groups, and elected officials to advance important projects and ensure stable operations. Using tools like Streamlined Life Cycle Assessment, scenario and market analysis, strategic planning, and stakeholder outreach, we help our clients realize the benefits of increased profitability, enhanced customer responsiveness, and reduced costs and liabilities.

CLF Ventures appreciates the complex social and environmental contexts that often surround facility-related controversies. We combine this deep understanding with technical expertise to resolve community-based environmental conflicts, such as those associated with facility expansion or closure.

Site closure, in particular, can be a risky business, especially when past, present, and future site owners have environmental liabilities to contend with. CLF Ventures has the experience to help facility owners manage a site closure effectively and responsibly, reducing project risk and turning a potential obstacle into an opportunity.