Successful project development, whether in real estate, energy, transportation, or other sectors, requires that developers understand the nuances of host community economics, regulations, and local culture. At CLF Ventures, we help our clients work with stakeholders to develop responsibly sited projects that go beyond compliance for the benefit of all sides. We understand the complex social and environmental dynamics that often surround controversial projects and apply our regulatory and technical expertise to resolve thorny issues and project conflicts.

Most regulatory and community stakeholders consider change carefully, and project developers must often contend with timelines and processes unique to this region. Our New England-based clients recognize the benefit of working with CLF Ventures and the applicability of our methods to their national business models. CLF Ventures also has related project experience and extensive professional relationships outside the New England region. Our experience with land use and energy development is directly transferable to the national context, as well as to local and regional planning activities throughout the U.S.

At CLF Ventures, we provide a range of value-added services to meet the business goals and project objectives of our clients.

  • Facility Siting, Permitting, and Planning
    We help clients find the right site, identify ways to maximize environmental benefit, and provide regulatory and technical guidance.
  • Stakeholder Management
    CLF Ventures helps clients optimize their relationships with key stakeholders, such as regulators, community groups, and elected officials.
  • Project Planning and Strategy
    We work with clients to promote project integrity, create positive community relations, and uphold commitments to social and environmental principles.
  • Impasse Resolution
    If projects reach a point of impasse, CLF Ventures works closely with the involved parties to resolve the issue and move the negotiations towards closure. We foster trust and legitimacy to facilitate a dialogue that aligns stakeholder interests and drives projects to a successful outcome.